Mt Kilimanjaro

mt kilimanjaroMt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the peak of Africa standing 5895m above sea level and the world free standing highest mountain.

Mt Kilimanjaro standing 5895m above sea level is the roof of Africa situated in Tanzania. Is the most accessible peak since does not require any technical means for climbers to summit rather than physical determination, walking stick and proper clothing.

Reaching above 4,000m in Kilimanjaro is the alpine desert which supports life of moss and lichen. This vestigial vegetation gives way to reach winter wonderland of ice, snow and glacier at the top the peak.

Mt Kilimanjaro climbing routes include Machame a whiskey route, Rongai route, Umbwe and Marangu route the easy one with huts for accommodation.

When to go

All year round except during rainy season April to May. The dry season starts from December to February which attracts most of climbers.