Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park located northern east of Rwanda country between Ugandan and Tanzania border. The Park named after the Akagera River which runs along eastern boundary.

Akagera characterized with rolling sandstone hills, deep, narrow valleys, flood plains and swamps. The vegetation is extremely varied with heterogeneous savanna ecosystem. The park has a variety of wildlife and over 500 species of birds. Akagera National Park offers best game viewing, bird watching and spectacular landscapes.

During game drive along a designed tracks, there are plenty of animals include elephants, buffalo, zebra, bush baby, hippos, crocodiles and other species such as leopard, lion and black rhino. As one of most scenic savanna Akagera provides an opportunity to see gentle hills with lowland swamps and water bodies.

Akagera National Park is important ornithological site in Rwanda. Morning and evening bird watching provides opportunity to see a wide selection of savanna bird species. This park is known for its richness in water birds in the region and one of exceptional places to view papyrus endemics. Some of common species on safari include gorgeous lilac breasted roller, black headed gonalek, heuglin’s robin chat, grey hornbill, ross’s turaco, crested barbet etc.