Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is popular for mountain gorillas in Rwanda. With 160sq km the Volcanoes national park protect Rwandan part of Virunga Mountain ranges of six extinct and three active volcanoes which straddles borders of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Volcanoes National Park is part of 433sq km of conservation area that includes Virungas National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Ranging from 2400m to 4,507m above sea level the park is dominated by setting of volcanoes. The chain of steep of all free standing mountains linked by fertile saddles which formed by solidified lava flows which is the most stirring and memorable sights in East Africa.

The tallest range to the western is Karisimbi on border with DRC while moving eastward there is Visoke peak also on DRC border. Sabinyo peak situated at the juncture of Rwanda, Uganda, DRC while Gahinga and Muhabura is on Uganda border sustaining numbers of primates include mountain gorillas and golden monkey.